Whittaker gave his prediction for Adesanya's possible fight with Du Plessis

Robert Whittaker, former UFC champion, has spoken out about a possible Du Plessis vs. Adesanya fight.

"The news of Adesanya fighting for the title again hurts me. Dricus asked for this fight, he's the champion and he's getting what he wants, and Adesanya is always a win-win for the UFC. This is an interesting fight. At first glance, I can see Adesanya just taking him apart for all five rounds. However, I don't forget that Dricus is pretty damn cool and unconventional, so I don't rule out the possibility that he could throw Izzy off his rhythm with his awkward style. We saw Adesanya fight Strickland. Strickland picked up the pace, took away his space and changed the rhythm of the fight. Adesanya couldn't adapt to that, and I think Dricus can do the same thing and be successful."