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Who We Are

RingSide24 is the premier destination for hard-hitting boxing and mixed martial arts news, insights, and analysis. As the leading media outlet dedicated solely to combat sports, we have our finger on the pulse of the fight game.


Since our founding in 2015, RingSide24 has established itself as the top source for up-to-the-minute reporting on the biggest fights, fighters, promoters, and trends shaping the boxing and MMA landscapes. Our team of award-winning journalists, including veteran reporters and professional commentators, provides unmatched coverage with insider access and expert perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.


At RingSide24, we eat, sleep, and breathe combat sports. We’re in the ringside for the year’s biggest events and breaking news on fight announcements, negotiations, and scheduling. We also produce in-depth features, penetrating commentary, and lively debate around controversies, business developments, and more.


Beyond the latest news and analysis, RingSide24 celebrates the history and culture behind the sports we love. From golden-era boxing tales to emerging MMA dynasties, we showcase the characters, stories, and meanings that make matchups unforgettable.


RingSide24 doesn’t just report the combat sports news–we understand and reflect the passion of diehard fight fans worldwide. Join us ringside as we bring you the blows, the blood, the gripping drama, and hard-earned glory. Let’s get ready to rumble.


Editorial Guidelines

At RingSide24, we understand our duty to provide full, fair, and accurate journalism to our readers. Credibility is the currency of our craft. That is why adhering to stringent editorial policies and standards serves as the foundation of our news organization.


We present information in context to provide a complete picture. Content is not selectively edited or sensationalized. Writers avoid bias and openly state when analysis or opinion is present rather than pure news coverage.


Any outside contributors clearly disclose relevant affiliations or conflicts to uphold full transparency. 


RingSide24 also discloses any content sponsorships or formal partnerships.

As mistakes can occur despite best intentions, we pledge to quickly correct and clarify misinformation published on our site or social channels. We also invite scrutiny and critique from readers regarding accuracy concerns.


RingSide24's commitment to ethical, solutions-focused journalism earns reader trust and upholds credibility across the combat sports media landscape. We aim to inform, inspire and safeguard the sports we cherish.


At RingSide24, we believe in transparency with our audience. Our team of writers and editors report under their real names and with full accountability. 


However, in rare cases, some writers may choose to publish under a pseudonym or pen name. While we value openness, we also respect individual privacy and safety concerns. The use of pen names does not change our strict editorial standards - all content is held to the same high level of factual accuracy, insight, and analysis that RingSide24 is known for across combat sports reporting.

Ringside24.com editorial staff:

Alexander Popov
Project Manager. E-mail: shurik@magnet.kiev.ua

Support and development of Ringside24.com.


Andrey Novak
Editor-in-Chief. E-mail: novak_andriy@ukr.net

Formation of information policy of the resource, preparation of exclusive materials for the site, filling the news feed.


Dmitry Kel

Filling the news feed, preparation of materials for the resource from foreign sources of information.


Alexander Ormanzhi
Editor of the news feed. Direction - MMA. E-mail: ormang@ukr.net

Filling the news feed, links to broadcasts of events of leading MMA promotions.


Address of Ringside24.com editorial office: 65, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street, Kiev, Ukraine, office 415 (4th floor).