Sejudo: "I'm surprised Pimblett took the fight with Green"

Former UFC bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo has spoken out about lightweight Paddy Pimblett's decision to agree to fight Bobby Green.

The two fighters will meet as part of UFC 304, which takes place on July 27 in Manchester, UK

"I'm actually surprised that Paddy Pimblett has accepted this fight, but it was long overdue. This is his sixth fight and now it's time for him to fight someone who is actually worth something.

Bobby Green is dangerous not only with his striking technique, but also his defense against theakedowns. If Paddy Pimblett can't put this guy down, then his opponent with him will. I'm picking Bobby Green because I feel it's overkill. I guarantee you that the UFC has put pressure on a guy like Paddy Pimblett. "Hey man, you need to fight somebody." I think that's the attitude they have," MMAWeekly quoted Sejudo as saying.