Tyler Denny vs Felix Cash Undercard - Full Fight Card List, Schedule, Running Order

Tyler Denny will face Felix Cash for the EBU European Middleweight Title at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham. This match between the UK's seasoned fighters marks a significant event in the middleweight division.

Tyler Denny turned professional in 2015 and has a record of 18 wins, 2 losses, and 3 draws, with notable recent victories over Matteo Signani and Macaulay McGowan. Felix Cash, unbeaten with a record of 16-0 since his professional start in 2016, last defeated Celso Neves. Both fighters bring considerable experience from their years in boxing, differing greatly in knockout percentages.

Tyler Denny vs Felix Cash Fight Card

Tyler Denny vs Felix Cash Undercard

Tyler Denny vs Felix Cash Fight

Tyler Denny faces Felix Cash for the EBU European Middleweight Title.

  • Division/Weight: middle
  • Tyler Denny record: 18-2
  • Felix Cash record: 16-0
  • Belts at stake: EBU European Middleweight Title

Tyler Denny, a southpaw from the UK, turned pro in 2015 and has a record of 18 wins, 2 losses, and 3 draws, with only one victory by knockout. His last win was against Matteo Signani who had significant experience and a moderate knockout rate. Considering Cash's undefeated record and higher knockout percentage, Denny could find him to be a formidable challenge due to his lack of knockout power.

Felix Cash also from the UK, boasts an impressive undefeated streak since going pro in 2016 with 16 wins, where 10 were knockouts. His last bout was against Celso Neves, who had more losses than wins but less experience. However, Cash will encounter a relatively experienced opponent in Denny whose recent victories over seasoned opponents suggest this match might test Cash’s ability to maintain his perfect record.

Lewis Crocker vs Conah Walker Fight

Lewis Crocker faces Conah Walker in a welterweight clash.

  • Division/Weight: welter
  • Lewis Crocker record: 19-0
  • Conah Walker record: 13-2
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Since turning professional in 2017, Lewis Crocker boasts a perfect record of 19 wins, no losses, and 11 knockouts. In his last fight, he defeated Jose Felix by TKO. With Felix's strong knockout rate of 77.5%, Crocker's victory underscores his ability to handle experienced fighters with heavy striking power, suggesting a promising performance against Walker.

Conah Walker entered the professional scene in 2018 and has accumulated 13 wins, 2 losses, and 5 knockouts. His recent win against Lloyd Germain by TKO sets him up well for this matching because it demonstrates strength against a less aggressive opponent. His focus would be on leveraging his past experiences while advancing his technique against Crocker's undefeated streak.

Shannon Ryan vs Emma Dolan Fight

Shannon Ryan and Emma Dolan are set to fight for the British and Commonwealth Female Super Flyweight Title.

  • Division/Weight: super fly
  • Shannon Ryan record: 7-0
  • Emma Dolan record: 6-0
  • Belts at stake: British, Commonwealth Female Super Flyweight Title

Shannon Ryan turned pro in 2022 and has since maintained an unbeaten record of 7 wins, with no losses or draws. She recently outclassed Jasmina Zapotoczna, whose record almost mirrors her own. Given her consistent performance against equally matched opponents, Ryan's tactical skill will be crucial in this upcoming match against Dolan.

Emma Dolan, also undefeated, boasts a record of 6 wins with one knockout. She won her last fight against Nicola Hopewell, who posed a comparative threat but fell short. Dolan's higher knockout percentage suggests she might bring more power into the ring compared to Ryan, possibly making for an aggressive contest in this super flyweight bout.

Aqib Fiaz vs Kane Baker Fight

Aqib Fiaz faces Kane Baker in a super featherweight clash.

  • Division/Weight: super feather
  • Aqib Fiaz record: 12-1
  • Kane Baker record: 19-11
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Aqib Fiaz turned professional in 2019 and holds a record of 12 wins, 1 loss, and 1 knockout. His last bout resulted in a loss to Reece Bellotti by retirement, facing an opponent with a significant knockout rate of nearly 78%. Coming from a notable defeat against such a strong contender, Aqib might find Kane Baker's less aggressive style to be less challenging.

Kane Baker has a more extensive professional record since 2016, achieving 19 wins, 11 losses, and only 1 knockout in his career. Recently defeated by TKO by Michael Gomez Jnr., who had a lower KO percentage compared to Reece Bellotti, this could imply that transitioning to fight Fiaz may prove tough given Fiaz’s exposure to tougher opponents even in defeat.

Hamza Uddin vs Jose Maria Hernandez Fight

Hamza Uddin will face Jose Maria Hernandez; no titles are on the line.

  • Division/Weight: super fly
  • Hamza Uddin record: 1-0
  • Jose Maria Hernandez record: 6-2
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Hamza Uddin, turned professional in 2024, boasts a perfect record from one fight, scoring a knockout. His prior bout was against Santiago San Eusebio—a significantly more experienced but struggling opponent—indicating Uddin's knockout power could pose a challenge to seasoned fighters in the super fly division.

Jose Maria Hernandez turned pro in 2020 and has fought eight times, winning six with his last bout resulting in a defeat by knockout. He found less success against robust opposition like Mario Ospina, suggesting he might experience challenges facing an aggressive puncher like Uddin.

Muhammad Mustafa Ali vs Kelvin Madjid Fight

Muhammad Mustafa Ali faces Kelvin Madjid in a super bantamweight clash.

  • Division/Weight: super bantam
  • Muhammad Mustafa Ali record: 4-0
  • Kelvin Madjid record: 2-1
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Muhammad Mustafa Ali, a young pro from the UK, debuted in March 2023 and swiftly moved to an undefeated record of 4 wins, with 1 by knockout. His last fight was a points win against Giulio Commerso, himself a relatively new fighter with comparable stats. Given Ali's string of victories and the similarity in their records, Ali might hold a slight edge over Madjid due to his consistency and confidence from recent wins.

Kelvin Madjid from France turned professional in December 2022 and has had three fights with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss. His last victory was against Salomon Kitoko Diamana, who had a similar lackluster record as most starting professionals. Since Madjid is stepping up against Ali, who has shown better form against similar opponents, this fight will test Madjid's capabilities at a slightly higher compeitive level than he has faced so far.

Cameron Vuong vs Jeff Ofori Fight

Cameron Vuong faces Jeff Ofori in a light division clash without titles on the line.

  • Division/Weight: light
  • Cameron Vuong record: 4-0
  • Jeff Ofori record: 13-7
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Cameron Vuong turned professional in October 2023 and maintains an undefeated record of 4 wins, with 3 knockouts. His recent victory came over Ishmael Ellis by TKO. Considering Ellis's more experienced record but zero knockout capability, Vuong's aggressive style proved dominant. Against Jeff Ofori, who has faced recent setbacks despite his experience, Vuong’s momentum and knockout strength suggest he could pose significant challenges.

Jeff Ofori debuted as a professional in May 2017 and has a mixed record of 13 wins, 7 losses, and 2 draws, including 4 knockouts. His last bout resulted in a loss to Louie O'Doherty by points decision. O'Doherty’s lesser experience yet robust ring presence mirrored the upcoming challenge from Cameron Vuong, projecting that Ofori’s experience might not fully compensate for his younger opponent's vigor and aggressive performance history.

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