Edwards: "I would beat Muhammad in 10 fights out of 10."

UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards spoke out about his fight with Belal Muhammad, which takes place July 27 in the main event of UFC 304 in Manchester.

"I don't understand why he's so confident. Yes, he's improved since our fight, but I've had a more serious journey. We'll wait until July 27.

His win [over Shawn Brady] was good, I don't want to mislead everybody, he's gotten better, but it won't matter on fight night, I'm a lot better than him physically, technically and mentally. I'm better than him and that's a given. If I fought him 10 times, I would beat him 10 times. The second time we will fight on July 27, and I will take him out," - said Edwards on the air of the show The MMA Hour.

Note that in March 2021, Edwards and Muhammad have already met in the octagon. Then their fight was canceled because of a poke in the eye from Leon.