Askren gave his prediction for Jones' fight with Pereira

Ben Askren, former Bellator and ONE champion and former UFC fighter, has spoken out about a possible fight between Jon Jones and Alex Pereira.

"People would be interested in seeing that fight. If Alex were to have a bout with Aspinall, he would probably have to stop a few of the takedowns. Fans are curious to see what Alex is like in wrestling, if he can defend against translations. After all, if you don't have those skills, Jones is just going to transfer you and sub you out. We saw Pereira get transferred by Izzy. He stayed underneath him for a significant portion of the time.... Let's say their fight with Jones does happen. I think it would be over in two minutes in the octagon. Look at what Jon did to Cyril Gunn. Jon is a big man, a high-level fighter, he has great grappling skills. It's a very likely outcome," Askren was quoted as saying by Middle Easy.