Alvarez Golovkin. CompuBox hit statistics

In their second fight in 2018 Gennady Golovkin threw 879 punches and got to the target with 234. Saul Alvarez threw 622 punches and 202 of them were accurate. In the third fight, Golovkin threw 521 punches and reported to the target 120. Canelo threw 487 punches and landed 130 times.

Golovkin landed 29 more jabs than Canelo and Canelo landed 39 more power punches than Golovkin. Canelo was especially accurate with his power shots, and landed 39% of them, while Golovkin landed with 27%.

Canelo had an 85-46 lead on power punches. GGG landed an average of 4 out of 14 power hits per round, while landing 10 out of 28 thrown in the first two fights.


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