Cormier: Shevchenko lost to Santos

Taila Santos - Valentina Shevchenko
Taila Santos - Valentina Shevchenko

Former UFC champion in two weight divisions Daniel Cormier stated that he did not agree with the decision of the judges in the duel Valentina Shevchenko as Tayla Santos at UFC 275.

“Valentina Shevchenko lost the fight, at least in my opinion. Taila Santos did everything that was required of her to become a UFC champion. She carried out takedowns, chalked up control on the ground. I just don't understand why submission attempts are not evaluated in any way. She took Valentina's back in the first, second and third rounds. And in the second and third rounds, she carried out strangulation attempts from behind.

If you almost managed to finish your opponent on your feet, then this is always evaluated by the judges. But why don’t you evaluate the same when the fight almost ends on the ground?” Cormier said on his YouTube channel.

Shevchenko defeated Santos by split decision.