Sergey Kovalev beats the actress and is sued for $8 million

It became known the name of the girl who accuses former light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev of beating her. Her name is Jamie Front, she’s an American model and actress.

“I heard that Kovalev denies everything in social networks. But then how would he explain my broken nose, brain concussion, vertebral fracture and other injuries? All because I refused to have sex with him. He was so angry that he kicked several times my dog. But there is an eyewitness who saw everything.

“Fortunately, a criminal case has already been brought against him, and I will file a lawsuit for $8 million. You can't hide the truth! Unfortunately, I know what it is like to get hit in the face of Kovalev. True, then he was without gloves," said Frontz.

The Russian boxer accused of beating a woman in the United States. He faces four years in prison. At the first hearing, Kovalev pleaded not guilty. The next court session will be held in March.

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