Schwarzenegger: Usually I hate people taller than me, but I love the Klitschko brothers

Famous American bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a speech in honor of the Klitschko brothers during the presentation of the prestigious German BAMBI award:

"Usually I hate people who are taller than me. But I love the Klitschko brothers. They are great athletes. And they are very clever. They like to give back to people. They not only take, but also give back," said Schwarzenegger.

After the speech Wladimir Klitschko thanked his friend for the pleasant words and said that without support it was hard to achieve anything:

"Victories cannot be taken without allies. Without friends like Arnold, like my parents, like my brother, like my fans. Without all of them I would not have reached those peaks that I obeyed," said Wladimir.

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