Berinchyk: "Promoters do not fulfill their obligations"

Olympic London silver medalist Denys Berinchyk told about what he does in the period between fights, about his long layoffs, family and business, as well as his dissatisfaction with the current promoters.

Denys Berinchyk
Denys Berinchyk

- Denys, we rarely see you in the ring. What is the reason for this and when will fight next?

- I think that this issue should be addressed to my promoter Alexander Krassyuk. If it would be my wish, I would box every week. These layoffs do not play well of course. My rhythms also get bogged down. In general I must constantly be in the training process, and not so that every six months I go out into the ring. From these six months I have been training for three months. What I do three more months? I do family issues. But I can deal with these issues in parallel and with a sports career. Now I'm swimming, running, and I have an easy training in a day to support my muscle tone.

- After the November fight with Okura, you had a trauma.

- That was a winter injury. In general, I participate in Ukraine in all the tournaments organized by my promotion company, and even if we do not have them, we are negotiating with foreign managers and, one can say, join their show program. Barely in June I was pushed into the tournament in Hungary. But rivals change, dates change, you cannot normally prepare. And I could fight more often.

- Would it be more interesting for you to fight in Ukraine or abroad?

- Today I am already faced with such a moment that abroad you can always fight - in winter, in summer, and when it's cold and there is no light. They always organize boxing evenings, and there you can develop. And judging by the fact that we see me on the screen or at a training camp every six months, it's difficult in here.

- It is a pity, you are a spectacular boxer...

- I'm already an old one (laughs). It's clear that I'm spectacular and can show good boxing and I can develop, but as I can see I get no growth in it. And I'm probably getting older and worse.

- Did you ever think about changing the promoter?

- I cannot, since I have a five-year contract. Yes, the periodicity of my battles was prescribed in it, and to date the promotional company does not fulfill its obligations in organizing at least 3 fights that were to be in the second year of my contract. August 28, under the contract, I have a new year, but there are no fight.

- Let's talk about the good. How is your family? In December you became a dad.

- Thanks to the family, I switch to good moments. I see how my daughter grows up, and I'm fulfilling family responsibilities, and I did not go to the camps and was lost somewhere for two months. I try to do something, moving away from sports activities, trying to open a business, but, it's impossible to combine it yet - sports, business, politics, the family, everything. It is necessary to be engaged in something one. So far I have a contract, and I wanted to earn my capital in the ring. And since I fight so rarely, there is not enough even for food as a professional athlete.

- What kind of business do you want? Do not you see yourself as a showman?

- Yes, in principle. After all, athletes are always diversely developed personalities. And they can prove themselves in any field of activity, and not just in the show. In life, as in the ring, boxers are always used to make their way.

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