Nurmagomedov believes that Dvalishvili is avoiding a fight with him

Umar Nurmagomedov, a fighter in the UFC bantamweight division, again turned to the contender for the title in this weight Merabu Dvalishvili.

“Our confrontation with Merab is possible already this year due to the fact that I will win my fights. The bigger, the better. Merab says I don't deserve a fight yet? If someone says they want to fight me, and this guy is on a 4-fight win streak in the UFC, I will in no way say that he doesn’t deserve the fight. You need to say: “Any time, any place.” Do you want to fight on the street? Let's fight in the street. All other words are excuses. I believe that Merab is avoiding a fight with me. We came to the UFC to find out which of us is stronger. I just want to find out with him which of us is stronger.”