Fiziev explained why there is only one Thai representative in the UFC

Rafael Fiziev, UFC lightweight, explained why in the entire history of the promotion, only one representative from Thailand was signed to it, despite the fact that the country has dozens of world-famous gyms in which fighters from the UFC, Bellator and other leading MMA promotions train.

“Because they love their Muay Thai so much, it’s been easy for them for a very long time. This is really their culture—a fighting culture. Just because I love Muay Thai too much, I think. They are simply not interested in anything else. But now they have already started building gyms - Tiger, AKA, Bang Tao have been built, they are focusing on MMA. MMA gyms have now opened in Bangkok. I see: a lot of Thais and Thai boxers are also trying to go to wrestling,” the fighter said.