Bo Nickal revealed when he plans to return to the octagon

UFC middleweight prospect Bo Nickal revealed when he'll be ready to return to the octagon.

"I'm ready to come back in July or August. I didn't take much damage in my fight with Cody Brundage, other than a few punches from the clinch, but that was more annoying than damaging. So, I started training again on Tuesday, and this weekend I'll be involved in getting some of the guys ready for the Olympics. But other than that, my focus is on getting back in the octagon.... I have aspirations to fight one or two more tough unranked opponents this year. Then maybe early next year I'll start getting fights against top fighters. Then maybe in 2025 I can fight for the championship. That's how I see the development of events," - quotes the words of Nickal portal Yardbarker.

Recall, in the framework of UFC 300 Nickal won a choke hold against Cody Brandege.