Warren: "If Dubois catches Joshua, he'll send him into a knockout"

Frank Warren, promoter of IBF world heavyweight champion Daniel Dubois, believes his charge will defeat Anthony Joshua early.

"I'm more confident now about Dubois beating Joshua than I was before. Certainly he has matured, produced two unbelievable performances when he came out for both fights as an underdog and showed what's most important.

I foresee Daniel knocking out Joshua. If he catches him, he will knock him out. Look, Dubois is a young guy, he's 26 years old. I've seen AJ under pressure and how he reacts to adversity. This is going to be a jab fight. The jab is the main thing in this fight. Heart, mind and jab is the main thing here. These are two huge punchers, the fight won't go the full distance. And I truly believe that Daniel has the ability to knockout Joshua," Warren said in an interview with YouTube channel Boxing News.

Recall that the fight Dubois - Joshua will take place on September 21 at Wembley Stadium in London.