Garcia's team reacts to boxer's second positive doping test

Ryan Garcia's team reacted to the news that the boxer's second doping sample came back positive as well by releasing the following statement:

"Ryan Garcia is committed to competing fairly and has never intentionally used any banned substances. Shortly after Ryan was notified of the positive sample result, he voluntarily sent his hair to Dr. Pascal Kintz, a leading expert in the field of toxicology and hair sample analysis. Ryan's results came back negative. This clearly proves that Ryan did not take Ostarine for a certain period of time, which is the only way to gain any advantage in the ring. Ryan has voluntarily submitted to tests throughout his career and they have always come back negative. Several samples came back negative before the fight with Haney. All of these factors, combined with his ultra-low levels in samples taken on April 19 and 20, indicate that Ryan was a victim of supplement contamination and did not benefit from the microscopic amounts that were found in his system. We are confident that one of the natural supplements Ryan used prior to the fight will be contaminated and therefore are currently testing the supplements to determine the source of the contamination," Garcia's team said in a statement, as quoted by CBS Sports.