Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk Scorecard and Punch Stats by CompuBox

Oleksandr Usyk defeated Tyson Fury by split decision to claim the title of undisputed heavyweight champion. The event took place at a packed venue, with Usyk becoming the first boxer to hold this honor since 1999.

The scorecards read 115-112 for Usyk, 114-113 for Fury, and another 114-113 in favor of Usyk.

The bout started with Usyk throwing the first punch and both fighters focusing on their jabs, but Usyk finished the first round strong. Throughout the match, Usyk's agility seemed to give him an edge over Fury, who tried various tactics including switching stances and targeting body shots. By the 12th round, despite needing a significant comeback, Fury could not secure the win.

Each round was tightly contested, with memorable moments like a cut above Usyk’s eye in round five and several strong uppercuts from Fury. However, Usyk’s consistent pressure and powerful left hands in the later rounds ensured his victory on two of the three judges’ cards.

After the fight concluded, both fighters celebrated—Usyk by sinking to the canvas and embracing his team while Fury raised his arms in celebration despite his loss. Shortly after, Tyson Fury embraced Oleksandr Usyk in front of about 500 spectators inside the ring.

Finally, despite acknowledging defeat according to official decisions, Tyson Fury stated that he felt he really "won the fight" and immediately announced intentions for a rematch.

Reporter Luke Brown captured these moments unfolding live at this historic fight that marked a major milestone in heavyweight boxing history.

Here are the detailed punch stats round by round provided by CompuBox: