Anderson accused the UFC of having an overt sympathy for Pereira

Reigning Bellator bantamweight champion Corey Anderson believes UFC bantamweight champion Alex Pereira is being given comfortable opponents.

"The situation in the UFC bantamweight division is becoming increasingly unstable - in every fight, the championship belt could change hands. Yes, there are those who will say, 'This guy will own the belt forever,' and I'm not denying it - Pereira is dangerous, one hundred percent, but, aside from Jan Blachowicz, who moved him twice and ran out of steam, who else has he fought who could move him? There just weren't any. I don't want to offend anyone and I'm just stating a fact - he's been given convenient opponents like Jamal Hill, and so far he hasn't fought any high caliber fighters who could give him a real test. All of his opponents have been good fighters, but not dangerous to him. He had one dangerous opponent and we saw what happened. It was the same with Blachowicz, but Jan got the fight plan wrong."