Chandler: "It makes no sense for me to target McGregor's 'sore leg'"

American veteran of the UFC lightweight division Michael Chandler assured that in his upcoming fight with Conor McGregor, he will not attack the Irishman's left leg, which he broke in his fight with Dustin Puryear in July 2021.

"His 'sore leg' in his usual stance ends up in the back. So there's no point in me targeting it. You have to concentrate on your strengths. Heavy hand strikes to the head and body, translations, constant pressure and working to exhaustion. That's Michael Chandler's style. And it's silly to think I'd change anything.

On the other hand, breaking an opponent's rack can be beneficial. It affects movement and movement and punching power. But I don't think I'll be throwing a lot of leg kicks. I haven't thought about that yet," Chandler said on the air of The MMA Hour show.

Recall that the fight McGregor - Chandler will be the main event of the tournament UFC 303, which will be held on June 29 in Las Vegas.