Tsarukyan's coach commented on the victory over Oliveira

Arman Tsarukyan's trainer commented on his ward's victory over Charles Oliveira.

"There were a few hard moments in this fight, me and my guys got overexcited. But Arman is the kind of fighter who works until the end. He was able to endure. Guillotines on the other hand can be called Oliveira's thing, he sabmits his opponents well. Of course, there are mistakes. But you should try not to make such mistakes, because it can cost you a lot. Another in Tsarukyan's shoes might have given up, but he persevered and did his job. To be precise and honest, I believe that in this situation Arman is not ready under Islam. Not ready to win against Islam. To show a competitive fight, yes. But to say sincerely that Tsarukyan will beat Makhachev, I can't. It is in this condition and position. Maybe Arman had problems with weight training, recovery. But Tsarukyan's legs and movement were heavy. I thought he was different in this fight. Of course, the opponent is making his presence known. Charles Oliveira has finished a good half of the lightweight division. I don't think Arman is ready for Makhachev yet. Either he needs to prepare in a different way."