Harry's wife forced him to fight with Chimaev in the elevator

Ian Harry, UFC prospect, recounted how his wife pressured him into a fight with Khamzat Chimaev right in the elevator.

“I’ll tell you a funny story about Khamzat. My wife and I entered the elevator, pressed the button, and then the door opened and Khamzat entered with his wife. At this moment, my wife stares at me from her skull with bulging eyes, and kind of shows, come on, fight with him. I would love to fight him in the elevator - it would be a very cool story, but the thought flashes through my head that tomorrow he will fight with my teammate, and I cannot ruin their fight. Besides, there are two women here, and we’re going to fight to the death. “In the end, we got out of the elevator, and my wife looked at me and said that I was pissed.”