Fury argued with Chisora

During yesterday's Joyce-Parker boxing evening in Manchester, a meeting took place in the ring Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) with Derek Chisora (33-12, 23 KOs). Former rivals chatted a bit about the state of affairs in the heavyweight division and their plans for the future.

Chisora: I'm in Manchester, remember what you said once? That when I arrive in Manchester, you will be ready to fight me with bare fists. I'm here! And you lied.

Fury: So why didn't you sign a contract to fight?

Chisora: Because you didn't send me any contract.

Fury: Two million pounds.

Chisora: You didn't send me anything. (...) If it comes down to a fight with Joshua, AJ wins.

Fury: I will win. I will knock him out in six rounds. And if you want, I will fight you between rounds, it will be easy.

Chisora: Just like your buddy Parker a minute ago.

Fury: But my friend defeated you, and so did I. I knocked you out, does that mean anything to you?

Chisora: Do you want to fight? I will pay your fee.

Fury: You can't afford it.

Chisora: You will be surprised.

Fury: If your boyfriend [Joshua] doesn't fight, I will definitely face you. And he won't fight because he's shit. He received a contract, but is silent.


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