Luis Ortiz ready to fight Fury or Joshua in December

Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz

Louis "King Kong" Ortiz just one week after losing Andy Ruiz Jr. announced that he was already impatient to return to duty, and he was ready to do it before the end of the year. Ortiz did well in the fight with Ruiz, but three knockdowns became decisive in this confrontation. After the fight, many viewers, including some fighters, advised the 43-year-old Ortiz to end his career. Many felt that Ortiz had simply become “punched” and was already holding punches badly.

"I have a few words of wisdom for some of these boxers who have spoken out and said I'm old because I've been on the floor twice after punching Ruiz," Ortiz told

“First of all, it's a heavyweight, and I would like most of you lightweights to try to fight just one weight class higher. I bet most of you won't make it past 5 rounds, so think before you say something like that. You must understand that I went through all 12 rounds and wanted to continue. I didn't even sit on a stool before the last round."

“Give me credit, all heavyweights have fallen or will fall at some point. They say that I'm old because I fell and got up, then what do you say about the fact that the floor fell Fury, or Joshua, or White, or Wilder? They are old? I was face to face with a man who weighs 25 pounds more than me, and I accepted the fight with him, and with all due respect to Ruiz, I would like a rematch with him, ”added Ortiz.

Fury and Joshua were in talks some time ago about their potential clash in December, but now the fight seems unlikely and both fighters will likely face other opponents before the end of the year. Ortiz claims that he is ready, willing and able to start camp and face any of them next.

“Hey Fury and Joshua, I heard you both are looking for opponents. Well, I'm ready to fight any of you. Let's see what you young guys can do against me," Ortiz said.