Usyk: "I'm a white rabbit"

After today's final press conference before Saturday's fight between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk II in Jeddah, the Ukrainian IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion spoke about his Cossack equipment. He also spoke about his motivation and philosophy, ending his speech with an original joke.

Oleksandr Usyk
Oleksandr Usyk

“This is the Ukrainian national dress of the Cossacks, warriors. Red pants, boots, our embroidery. The situation in Ukraine gives me a lot of motivation. My faith, my Lord, my people, my family give me motivation,” Usyk said.

“My words that the one who does not compete does not live? Look, I'll explain. The sun is rising, we are rising. The roe deer runs - the tiger runs after it. To live, she needs to run away from him. And in order for a tiger to live, he needs to catch and eat it. I'm a tiger? Wow, I'm a white rabbit, ”the world champion summed up the topic.


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