Shlemenko told if he was ready to go to Ukraine

Alexander Shlemenko, "SE"
Alexander Shlemenko, "SE"

Former Bellator Champion Alexander Shlemenko declared readiness for general mobilization in Russia. The fighter assured that if he received a summons, he would agree to fight in Ukraine without any problems.

- Now the topic of mobilization is being actively discussed. Are you for mobilization?

- You need to understand why. If we lack our armed forces, then maybe. If it's enough, then I don't know. Again, I am not the Supreme Commander. I'm pretty good at fighting. I also understand some things - in the preparation [of athletes], but I fight ... I was not directly in military operations, in hot spots. He was in information wars - when he supported ours. Therefore, it is difficult for me to say about mobilization. Well, she will be, so what? I think all those who are ready to give their lives for their country, they are all here. As I. That is, nothing scares me.

- That is, if you received a summons, then no questions asked ... [would go to the army]

- Certainly. What is the problem? No problem. At least, I would not do as some - I will not name their names - take a picture with a machine gun, and then go abroad to prepare for battle. I wouldn't do that.