Ruiz: Titles come back with me to Mexico

Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1, 22 KOs) is confident in his abilities before the rematch with Anthony Joshua (22-1, 22 KOs). The Mexican who in June got heavyweight titles has no doubt that the second fight with the Briton also comes out victorious.

Andy Ruiz Jr.
Andy Ruiz Jr.

"I still feel a hunger. Many people say that I do not train, I do not accept this fight seriously even after I won my championship belts," Ruiz said. "And, as Joshua said, a big responsibility lies on the champion."

"I will do my best and I will defend my belts, and they will return to Mexico with me! December 7 will go down in history. I beat him again in the same style as on June 1, and prove to everyone that they were wrong," the Mexican "Destroyer" said.

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