Gastelum: McGregor spreads his seed in Ireland and does not recognize it

UFC Middleweight Kelvin Gastelum responded to an insult from the former UFC champion Conor McGregor. Earlier, MacGregor negatively responded to the trick of Gastelum. After the UFC 234 tournament, Kelvin went out to the journalists with the UFC belt and said that he was now the champion, because the current title holder of this weight, Robert Wittaker, withdrew from their fight because of a hernia. Conor made fun of the problems of Gastelum with the skin.

“Why does this worm hold the championship belt? Worms crawl over his skin! It was even funny to think about letting him fight, not to mention letting him walk around the arena and shaking hands with fans. Somebody figure it out. Disinfect the belt. Immediately,” said MacGregor.

In response, Gastellum recalled the rumors that Conor had a daughter on the side that the Irish did not recognize as his own.

“My God, do you want to talk about a leper? About a guy full of disease, spreading disease all over Ireland? This is Conor MacGregor. He spreads his seed throughout Ireland, fertilizing women, and refuses to admit it. This dude is a leper. Forget it,” Gastelum said.

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