Pavlovich: Overeem’s experience? We are all humans, you need to go out and fight (video)

Undefeated heavyweight Sergey Pavlovich shared his expectations from his UFC debut, which is scheduled on November 24 in Beijing, China. The highly experienced 38-year-old Dutchman Alistair Overeem will become an opponent of the 26-year-old Russian.

“I am glad that I will fight with such an opponent. Overeem’s experience? We are all humans, made up of meat and bones, so you need to go out and fight. Of course, he is a very experienced and serious guy. We watched his fights and prepared responsibly. To be the best, you need to fight the best.

“For me, the transition to the UFC is a big step in my pro career. I have come a long and hard way towards this goal, but I am glad to move on to this promotion. I will try to train and give all myself to perform well and please the fans.

“Now all my thoughts are only about the fight with Overeem, I don’t look behind his back. We need to fight, and after the battle we will already think about future plans,” Pavlovich said.

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