Karakhanyan: Nagibin acts like a prison rat, puts the blame on others

ACB welterweight Georgi Karakhanyan commented on his fight with Timur Nagibin on ACB 90, which was held last weekend. Timur hit Georgi after the bell, after which Karakhanyan refused to continue the fight, and he was awarded a victory by disqualification.

“Before throwing Nagibin into my closet, along with the rest of the victories, and there were already 29 of them, I want, as they say in Russia, to dot all i.

1. What Nagibin did was not spontaneous. It was planned and was the only way to explain his defeat, saying: “I did not lose because I am weaker. I lost because the evil American uncle referee disqualified me.”

2. I have never, neither before a fight, nor during a fight, nor after it, said absolutely nothing about his mother. Parents and family for me have always been the red line that cannot be crossed. The fact that Nagibin has spread, he simply acts like a prison rat, puts the blame on others.

3. Special thanks to all my fans who stood up for me, who were detained by riot police because of me. Every fighter dreams of having fans like you.

4. Everyone who despises me, please despise me more. Thanks to you, I make a lot of money. A lot of dollars.

Veni, vidi, vici. The end... period,” stated Karakhanyan in his Instagram page.

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