Conor vs. Floyd Will Be Hookerpalooza in Vegas, Says Don 'Magic' Juan

Conor and Floyd ain't the only ones looking to make HUGE bank on August 26 the pimps and the hoes are projecting "crazy money" in Vegas that weekend so says Don "Magic" Juan.  The Bishop a former real life pimp who's also Snoop's spiritual adviser says Sin City's sex workers are FIRED UP about the big event 'cause they know it'll bring big spenders.

Floyd Mayweather - Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather - Conor McGregor

"The city is gonna be lit up," Magic says "When you talkin' about pimpin' and playin' and hoes and prostitutes it goes right in with pro sports." Sin City's biggest legal brothels are already gearing up, too one's even offering a $100K VIP(enis) package!

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