Fundora will rematch Tszyu

Michael Benson, a well-known journalist and insider, posted a post on his social networks in which he quotes Sebastian Fundora's promoter Sampson Lewkowicz, who promised that his ward will give Tim Tszyu a rematch.

"We all wanted this fight so badly that a lot of our arrangements were made by word of mouth. There wasn't enough time. But I want to make it clear that Team Fundora will honor the agreement. My word always equals a signed contract. Tim Tszyu, you will get a rematch when you are ready," Fundora's promoter Sampson Lewkowicz was quoted as saying by Fundora's promoter Sampson Lewkowicz insider Michael Benson on social network X.

Recall, Fundora defeated Tszyu by split decision of judges and became the new world champion in the first middleweight division of the WBO and WBC.