Strickland made fun of the Navy SEALs and received a worthy response

Sean Strickland, a former UFC middleweight champion, said that the US Navy SEALs could not stand his training.

“I don’t think there’s a single damn SEAL who could handle a week of training with me. I'm sick of seeing this because you guys think you're cool, come train with me for a week. I’ll show you what’s what, I’ll break you,” Strickland said in one of the videos posted on social networks.

In response to this bravado, one of the SEAL representatives recorded a video message to Sean:

“Sean, we get it, you’re a cool bro. But check out your training partners getting paid millions of dollars and they actually stay alive. My comrades die every year. Do you even understand what this means? We've already proven that any beating won't break us, but our training will just end your career, Sean... Your training is brutal, we understand that, but your training doesn't kill dudes every year, and that's the world we live in. My best advice for you, Sean, is to stay in the Octagon and continue to fight for the next big score, and we SEALs will continue to fight for your freedom.”