Ferguson told how Lesnar tried to persuade him to retire

Tony Ferguson, the former interim UFC lightweight champion, spoke about how the organization's former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar urged him to end his career.

“Brock was fucking awesome. I have a lot of coaches, man. I'm going to be a real man, just like Coach Jackson. I don't know anything different, it's always important to do what you do and there are people who want you to do it, I don't know anyone else, but for me it's different. I still keep in touch with coach Lesnar.

He said after one of my fights, I think four fights ago: “You should think about quitting.” Coach Brock said it, he was just real. The coolest thing is that he always told me: “Save money, pay taxes.” After every fight, it wasn’t like he said: “Well done, work hard,” no. He said, “Save money, pay taxes.” Like, okay, coach,” BJ Penn portal quotes Ferguson.