Usik’s promoter does not support Lomachenko’s views, but calls “not to judge without trial”

Alexander Krasyuk, promoter Alexandra Usika, shared his opinion about his ward’s friend and godfather Vasily Lomachenko. In particular, the promoter answered the question of what he thinks about Vasily’s controversial posts in support of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate.

“Vasily had a moment when he went from being a non-religious person to becoming a deeply religious person. He achieved this religiosity in the Orthodox Church of the “famous” patriarchy. And at the moment he follows this teaching and what is accepted as a basis in this teaching. This is the path he chose for himself. He's not a little child. The authority for him is his father, Anatoly Nikolaevich. We don’t know what they are talking about, what Anatoly Nikolaevich is telling him. But everyone knows that Vasya is stubborn. Thanks to this quality, he achieved such success in sports. Perhaps this obstinacy carried over into his worldview.

No one spoke to him heart to heart, openly. And he didn’t open up publicly to anyone. Therefore, to talk about him good or bad, I think, is wrong. It would probably be right to do an in-depth interview with Vasily Lomachenko, so that the journalist, in a real conversation, would track what exactly prompted Vasily to make such statements, what exactly prompted him to such views. And what is behind these views. And then it will be a fair assessment. I don't justify him. I don't communicate with him too closely. I respect his sporting achievements. But I don’t agree with his views. But this does not mean that he can be tried without a trial,” Krasyuk said.