Conor Benn vs Peter Dobson Round by Round Results, Scorecard

Conor Benn maintained his unbeaten record with a commanding unanimous decision victory over Peter Dobson this night in Las Vegas. In a junior middleweight contest, Benn showcased why he holds a now improved 23-0 record, with 14 KOs to his name. The judges scored the fight convincingly in favor of Benn: 119-109, 118-110, and 118-110 .

From round one, Benn was pressing. He had Dobson on the run, begging for breath with every punch thrown a little wild at times. Dobson appeared tentative as he was getting tagged, seemingly struggling to find his rhythm against Benn's onslaught.

The second round saw Benn controlling the engagement with most of the offensive output. Dobson stayed on the backfoot, largely trying to defend against an increasingly dominant opponent.

Round three highlighted Benn's supremacy, showing him continuously outclassing Dobson in what seemed like one-way action. Come round four, despite Dobson attempting some good shots, Benn simply forced him back with faster and harder punches.

The fight took a grittier turn in round five where both fighters enjoyed moments of success. However, Benn was warned for coming up with his head as things heated up.

By round six, it was clear that give and take action would define this contest. The two boxers exchanged combinations firmly standing their ground. Round seven witnessed an unrelentingly aggressive Benn unloading punches to both head and body zones.

In round eight, while punches flew in bunches from Benn's gloves forcing him to hold at times, Dobson showed resilience coming forward through the storm.

Round nine saw moments of promise for Dobson despite taking solid shots from a steely Benn. As the fight advanced into the tenth round, heavier exchanges were traded with Benn landing more impactful eye-catching punches.

As both boxers slowed down in round eleven, they still managed to exchange shots at a less frenetic pace with Benn outworking Dobson. Rallying with several hard shots come final round twelve showcasing his endurance; however, it was balanced by timely heavy fire returns from Conor Benn who also had to hold on at times but ultimately demonstrated superior skill and power.

Benn assessed his performance post-fight saying he felt confident throughout but acknowledged Dobson's tenacity and fighting spirit—a true testament to the resilience and spirit of boxers at this level of competition. This victory marks another step towards greater challenges and accolades in Conor Benn’s burgeoning career in boxing.