Dvalishvili: "No one trusts anyone in the U.S."

UFC lightweight division No. 1 ranked fighter Merab Dvalishvili shared his thoughts on life in the United States.

"Georgia is a small country, but we have a rich culture. Everyone respects each other here, Georgian athletes know each other. Is there a lack of strong people in the US? It's different in all countries. There are strong in body and spirit in the U.S. too. But there are more and more weak people. Here it is difficult to find a friend who will die for you, who is ready to sacrifice money, to give you his soul. In America, no one trusts anyone. There is no such thing as letting someone live in your house or drive your car.

In the US, you can do whatever your soul wants and no one will know about it. Where I come from, you can't do that. You can't hide there. And if you get caught, you will have to answer," Dvalishvili said in an interview with Bradley Martin.

Recall that in his last fight, held in March, Dvalishvili defeated Henry Sejudo on points. The Georgian is expected to fight champion Sean O'Malley in his next fight.