Aspinall: "Blades can beat me, because it's a heavyweight"

Interim UFC heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall shared his expectations for his fight with Curtis Blades, which will take place on July 27 at UFC 304 in Manchester.

These fighters have previously met in the octagon: in July 2022, Aspinall had to capitulate in the first minute of the fight due to a knee injury.

"Obviously, we have unfinished business. I consider Curtis the most difficult opponent for me in terms of style. I don't want to sound disrespectful, but fighting him doesn't really favor me because Curtis isn't the most popular fighter.

The guys you want to fight are media-friendly and stylistically comfortable fighters. Curtis is not one of them. He can beat me, because it's a heavyweight. I'm good and I think I'm the best in the world, but does that make me undefeated? No. It's MMA and it's heavyweight. One punch from Curtis and the ref will have to wake me up. That's how it works. But I'm willing to put it all on the line," the Brit said in an interview with The Mac Life.