UFC legend gave a prediction for Makhachev's fight with Puryear

UFC Hall of Fame member Jens Pulver shared his opinion on the upcoming fight between Dustin Puryear and Islam Makhachev

"I love Dustin. He's the real godfather of the division. And I really don't want him to lose. He has proven for a long time that he is one of the best fighters. And I think he has a real chance to win. If he can keep the fight standing, then he will get the opportunity to showcase his best skills. He will show what kind of punching power he possesses. And then Dustin can really beat Islam. But if Makhachev can drag things down to the floor.... He'll win. Of course, Porier will struggle and try to get out. But from the bottom, Makhachev has a better chance."

As a reminder, the fight between Makhachev and Puryear will take place June 1 at UFC 302.