Sean O'Malley revealed how he was the victim of a cruel prank.

Sean O'Malley, the UFC lightweight champion, has revealed how he became a victim of swatting, a type of harassment that involves misleading police into having an assault police team drive to another person's address

"I think I knew right away because I had heard of big streamers being victims of swatting. People recognize where they are, call the police and say something happened that clearly didn't happen. I stick my head out the window to see the cops. Maybe there's something different. But they're on the intercom, and I see a bunch of cops, and they're like: "Come out with your hands up." So I freakin' come out with my hands up. I thought, "I'm just gonna do what they say. I could've been shot, you know? Shit. I thought, okay, if I just listen to them, I'll be all right, but who knows. Somebody sneezes, and my finger pulls the trigger. I've got goddamn shotguns pointed at me, AR rifles pointed at me by four cops. They said I killed my parents or something. They thought there was a shooter inside. Someone called the police and told them there was a shooter inside and two dead people. I wish I could find the little rat who made that call. They can't find him. They don't have an address. It's crazy," O'Malley told YouTube.