Agapova: "They're trying to sell me into slavery."

Kazakhstani mixed martial arts fighter Maria Agapova said she is currently in a difficult situation.

"In a week, I'll probably be homeless. Are you surprised? I'm not. It's classic my life in America. Becoming homeless right before a fight in the UFC. It's a fucking classic! Next week I'll be looking for a homeless shelter for myself since I don't trust people anymore. Since I don't have money for rent, I live wherever I have to.

People exploit me, and during this exploitation they disregard personal boundaries and my life. This includes trying to sell me into sex slavery behind my back. Who knows of shelters, charitable organizations that aim to help rather than exploit, please email me. The state of Florida," - wrote Agapova in Instagram.

It should be noted that Agapova is scheduled to fight Brazilian Luana Santos on July 13.