Atlas explained why Usyk didn't finish off Fury

Authoritative American trainer Teddy Atlas commented on the knockdown in the ninth round of the fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury.

"When Usyk was getting ready to deliver that last punch, Fury was already finished. If Usyk had delivered that last punch, Tyson wouldn't have been able to defend himself anymore. He couldn't stay on his feet. If he had missed the full power punch, he would have fallen. Two things saved him: the referee intervened and Usyk spared him.

Usyk is a special man. He slowed down even though he could have landed that punch. Nine out of ten men would have landed it before the ref intervened. Usyk could have landed it too, but chose not to. Usyk slowed down, didn't throw a punch, and the ref intervened. The referee could have stopped the fight. If any other fighter had been in Fury's place, he would have done it. But in this case he did the right thing," - said Atlas on his YouTube channel.

Recall that on May 18, Usyk defeated Fury by split decision of judges and became the absolute world champion in the heavyweight division.