Mendes explained Makhachev's desire to fight McGregor

AKA Hall of Famer Javier Mendes revealed why his charge Islam Makhachev, who holds the UFC lightweight title, is keen to get a fight with the promotion's top star Conor McGregor.

"It would be a massive fight. Islam would make a huge amount of money. When you're a champion, you're not just fighting for the belt, you're fighting for money. A bout against McGregor would have raised Islam's 'stakes' considerably.

There are definitely upsides to a fight against Conor. And it doesn't matter if we love him or not. His name attracts a huge audience. Personally, I don't like Conor for what he says. I still can't forgive him for what he said about Khabib's late father," Mendes told Submission Radio.

Recall that on June 1 in the main event of UFC 302 in Newark, USA, Makhachev will defend the title against the encroachments of Dustin Porier.