Prochazka reacted to rumors of a rematch with Pereira

Czech welterweight Jiri Prochazka has spoken out about a possible rematch with the organization's current featherweight champion Alex Pereira.

"I haven't heard anything. Now it's up to the UFC when they want to make this fight. But I have the belief to win. I will show in the octagon that I am capable of regaining this belt in a fight with Alex Pereira. We just have to wait for the decision on this upcoming fight. I don't have a clue who will be next. But I think the world will want to see our rematch. Besides, I have the weapons necessary to win. Now I should just take a few weeks and get some rest. Get inspired. I'm thinking about coming back in August. Maybe October. But honestly, it doesn't matter to me. If they want me to do some fight on short notice, then chase it. If Alex takes part in UFC 303, then I'll agree," MMA Mania quoted Jiri as saying.