The Bellator champion is ready to send Jan and O'Malley to sleep

Patrick Meeks. The Bellator flyweight champion, stated that he would have no problem taking out Peter Yan and Sean O'Malley

"Everybody draws conclusions because of what promotion is written in front of my name. Sean O'Malley's credentials are no greater. I've fought just as dangerous opponents, I've finished fights early more often than not. He's lost more rounds than I have. I'm just a little short of 31 straight wins - I had a record of 11-0 in the amateurs and now 19-1 in the pros. Look what Peter Yan did to O'Malley! I mean, that was a very close fight. I'm in the stratosphere compared to them. I'd put Petr Yan to bed, too. And Sean O'Malley. There's no guys in the UFC that can compete with me. Unless Merab," MMA Junkie quoted Meeks as saying.