De la Hoya answered what surprised him most about Garcia's fight with Haney

Oscar de la Hoya, promoter of American boxer Ryan Garcia, said that in the fight against Devin Haney his boxer surprised him most of all with his will to win.

"I think what surprised me the most was Garcia's will to win. Haney is no joke. I watched Haney throw bombs. I've never seen him throw bombs in my life. We thought he was going to come out and combine and throw punches. It's working for him, he's a great boxer. Ryan Garcia won by withstanding the power and pressure of Haney. I'm proud of Ryan.

After the first knockdown, Haney went down, and physically it can wear you down too. Psychologically it discourages you and you can get tired. That's what happened. Ryan's a big guy. How much did Haney weigh? 140 pounds at the weigh-in, maybe 160 in the fight. So we had two big guys in the ring. But the difference is that Ryan Garcia is a puncher," said de la Hoya.

Recall that Garcia defeated Haney by majority decision of the judges, sending him to knockdown three times.