Dillashaw explained the reasons for Garbrandt's failures

T.J. Dillashaw, former UFC flyweight champion, spoke on the recent career setbacks of his former rival Cody Karbrandt.

"I had a feeling that Cody was going to win the fight against Figueredo. But I had hope for this one. I was actually rooting for him in this fight despite everything that happened between us. Cody, in my opinion, has lost his confidence. When a fighter loses it, your skills diminish. If you don't believe in yourself when you start fighting, you won't be able to do what you're fully capable of doing. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a chin anymore. People know it can be broken. Cody was knocked out by me and after me a few more times. Fans started criticizing him for being overly aggressive and now they want to hate him for being too accurate in his style and defense," Yahoo Sports quoted Dillashaw as saying.