White's former coach predicted the winner of the fight Usik - Fury

Mark Tibbs, former trainer of former heavyweight title challenger Dillian Whyte, predicts Tyson Fury will beat Oleksandr Usyk in an all heavyweight title fight.

"I've always favored Fury for one simple reason: he's a bigger beast, a born super featherweight compared to the rocked out cruiserweight. However, Usik is a superb boxer, he has dealt with all the top super heavyweights in the world, including Anthony Joshua, whom Usik has beaten twice.

The dissection has me a bit baffled, but I have to bet on my friend Tyson Fury, our British guy. He will have to take care of his dissection, but I still think he will win as he is a bigger beast. But if he doesn't prepare well, that's when things will go wrong for him. My bet is on Tyson Fury. He's going to have to sweat in this fight for sure. Tyson will understand how to keep Usik on his front hand, how to handle him and put him on his heels. Fury will still box, but will outwork him and prevent Usik from looking as good as he always does," said Tibbs.

Recall that the fight Fury against Usik will take place on May 18 in Saudi Arabia.