"Keep going." Former Bellator champion not allowed into US due to support for war in Ukraine

Alexander Shlemenko
Alexander Shlemenko

Former Bellator Middleweight Champion Alexander Shlemenko said that he was denied an American visa because of his support for Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Earlier, Shlemenko, whose grandfather, by the way, is a native of Ukraine, announced his readiness to go to the front in the event of mobilization. However, the chatter of an amateur so-called. the era of Aquarius, telegony and torsion fields, as expected, remained chatter.

“In general, it’s becoming difficult for us to even just go somewhere,” Shlemenko complains on Grigory Drozd’s podcast. — Getting a visa is much more difficult now. I still don't have an American visa. Of course, I tried, but for supporting the war they told me: “Keep supporting it.” And I have always supported and will continue to support. A visa for me is not paramount, what I need.”

Let us remember that last year Shlemenko suffered two crushing defeats and one fight was a draw. This year he managed to choke out Alex Oliveira at his own promotion’s tournament, but even his compatriots call this victory “strange.”