Ukrainian Pashkova does not want to fight Russian fighters

Oksana Pashkova, a Muay Thai fighter from Kharkov, told how the war in Ukraine influenced her attitude towards Russian fighters and Russian sports.

- What do you think, is it right that Russian sports are banned and suspended? Or athletes should not be responsible for the actions of the leadership of their state?

I believe that every citizen of the state in which he lives is responsible for the actions of the leadership of this state. Moreover, I didn’t particularly hear any statements from their athletes. Who knows what they have in their heads, because they all watch their television. And they can perform anything at world championships. After what the Russian military is doing in our country, I would not want to fight the Russians. And I don't want to see them. Let those guys who communicated with me normally and who supported me forgive me. But you are units. And the bulk of your same athletes are talking nonsense.

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