Gadzhyiev defeats Murashkin on points

In the main match of the evening on April 10 in Kiev, Ramil Gadzhyiev (12-1-1, 7 KOs) defeated Ivan Murashkin (6-7-1, 2 KOs) from Belarus by unanimous decision. At the end of eight rounds, the judges unanimously gave the victory to Gadzhyiev. The judges' notes has not been announced.

Ramil Gadzhyiev vs Ivan Murashkin
Ramil Gadzhyiev vs Ivan Murashkin

Other results of this evening:

Tsotne Rogava W KO 1 Petar Mrvalj

Daniel Lapin W UD 6 Atilla Koros

Sean Fennell L MD 8 (74-79, 74-78, 76-76) Nadzir Bakhshiev

Zack Shelley W TKO 3 Bogdan Garkavy

Robert Marton W UD 4 Paata Aduashvili

Miroslav Ishchenko W UD 4 Alexander Benidze

Sergey Huk W TKO 2 Andrey Rudenko

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